Rust++ Request/ Question

Using R++ and liking it. Is it possible to forbid certain items from being crafted, or change the (amout of/) materials used in crafting said item?

I chose R++ over Oxide because I’d already used DP and created our own custom loot tables. I’m wanting to limit accessability to assault weapons.

on HFBServers, they offer both Rust++ and DropParty, which i use together fine.

Yea, I’ve heard a lot of bad shit about HFB.

We will look into it for the next Rust++ revisions, thanks for your support and idea :smiley:

Would be great to prevent people from either crafting or researching items so we could allow rare drops and not have to worry about everyone learning\crafting the item.

HFB is NOT a bad company. When it comes to information security - there’s a fine line between making it easy for the user to do things, and making sure your data is protected. It is 100% absolutely understandable to take your time and make sure everything is safe. Some people like myself just didn’t want to wait for them to do that, but there is nothing wrong with that company. Just have to be patient.


another little idea, set the console to be “ctrl+c” able

If you read the question, he’s not asking whether or not you can use Rpp and DP together. He’s explaining why he chose Rpp over Oxide.