Rust Requirements

Hello Rust world. I’ve buyed rust like 3 weeks ago and I can’t play I don’t know what requirements it needs but well… I hope you guys will tell me if my PC is okay, there are my specifications and sorry for my bad english :confused:

4 gigs is your culprit as you need 8. Don’t you look at system requirements before buying

So that’s the only problem, right? all the other specifications are ok?

I’m curious about that 7700 card. Not sure, maybe another will comment. But yea 4 gigs is not going to cut it

According to the steam store page you are lacking in two areas: minimum RAM requirement is 8GB and Operating system needs to be Windows 7 64bit.

Edit: just FYI the 64 bit OS is pretty important because you need that to take advantage of more ram. The video card is not listed on minimum settings because the game is in Early Access, not completely optimized, and it’s usually recommended to have better than minimum settings to enjoy games in these cases.

Well… my friend has Windows 7 32bit and 8GB ram and it works perfect IMO it’s just my memory ram :stuck_out_tongue:

Back when I had windows 7 32 bit and 4GB of ram I ran into problems once I installed a good video card (with a whooping 1 GB video memory) My comuter suddenly claimed I only had 3 GB of RAM. According to all the research I did windows 7 32 bit didn’t support more than 4 GB of combined memory (video and Ram) which forced me to upgrade to 64 bit. I’ve been using 64 bit Windows since, so not sure whether they ever fixed that issue.

From my experience though I would say the devs had a reason to ask for a 64bit OS and more than 4GB of Ram - I have a fairly old computer (8GB of ram + quad-core) and Rust doesn’t like it when I open other memory hogs like Chrome or even use Shadow-play (although I manage to run it on medium graphics settings).

As said before: You need a 64bit system.

Look here: physical_memory_limits_windows_7