Rust Roleplaying


I have been playing Rust for a couple days and what realy bothers me is that the PvP is taken too serious by some players. Most people are like kill on first sight and raid everything whats on their way.
Therefor I have an idea about some roleplaying game and am looking for some interested people.
How it works (what i have in mind):
There will be admins, CU (crime unit), gangs and inhabitants.
What admins do: They will be running arround the island controlling the roleplay, godmoded. These people are supervising the CU.
CU: These people will be protecting the life of normal players and prevent crime by gangs. They are not godmoded. When dead, they will be teleported back to the main location of the CU and prepared by new kevlar and arms.
Gangs: Their goal is to build a fort and try overtake the other gangs.
There are very important rules about gangmembers: they may NOT shoot inhabitants when robbing their house, EVEN when they shoot the gangmembers while protecting their goods. Killing them will get you banned.
When the CU sees a gangmembers commiting crime, they can have a (gun)fight, run away or get jailed. How jail works: When a CU agent finds out the name of the gangmember, that person will be teleported to a closed metal building and be locked up for 2 days (gametime)
Inhabitants: They just live their life, start own gangs or expand their building, improvise. Any crime will get them locked up.

How to recognize people:
[GOD]yourname for an admin.
[CU]yourname for a crime unit agent.
[GANGNAME]yourname of a gangmember.
yourname for an inhabitant.

How to know they are real:
There will be a website to register, can be easily viewed by Steam browser. There will be a map with ganglocations, the jail, CU headquarter and other important places
It’s important for every admin, CU agent, gang and gangmember to register on that website.

Any ideas or interested people are welcome.
There is already a server running called “Rust Roleplaying [EU]” for 256 players