rust rules for facepunch

so what are the rules for facepunch severs in rust? Besides hacking. Is there anything against offensive language or what you draw on signs ? as long as its not breaking any actually laws is there anything?

Usually there aren’t admins, so if you wanna hack for a few hours, play on official. Also, be very vitriolic, juvenile and racist. AFAIK those are the rules for official. If you aren’t a cunt, play on community servers.

hacking is not included for facepunch servers apparently. hackers go there because facepunch server is the only place they can hack without being banned.

They get banned. Official servers is where dumbass hackers go to help make EAC’s job easier.

It is not immediate, because there are rarely admins on official, but believe you me, they are getting banned… Eventually.

Well not everybody can make videos in time. Or you don’t see the name of the player.