RUST running on Directx 12?

Hey guys i was just wondering if rust has any plans on switching to directx 12 or if it will be even worth it later on. I know all the trouble they have gone through to get this game as far as it has and i respect that, but this is just a question and i don’t want people thinking I’m asking for more.

Surely it’d be part of a unity engine upgrade and an option to use DX12. Rust has little to say about that.

Yea i understand but they haven’t made any announcements on if they will switch it. Considering all major game developers are flipping shit announcing their games will be running dx12 then i was just wondering if rust will do so to.

They probably will. But flipping shit because of dx12 is just some hype from people who don’t even understand what dx12 does. The game doesn’t care about what DX or OpenGL it runs on and probably neither does Garry. If it’s not too much messing with the code I’m sure they will add an option to use dx12 as, iirc, there’s an option to use dx10 or 11 in legacy.

whats the option for legacy?

I think it was -force-d3d9 (dx9) as startup parameter.

edit: Rust Start Parameters