Rust runs like s*** on my computer!

My computer is a complete piece of s*** (runs at about 10-15 FPS) and I can only play rust on my friends computer because its better. Is there a way I can make this game run better or should I just give up and just let my friend take over the account? Without upgrading my specs or replacing the computer, i’m already planning on that but in the meantime i’d like to play this game.

Buy a new computer, buy parts and upgrade or buy all the parts and build a whole new one.

Tell us your specs at least (if you don’t know your specs then…). The only way to help is to know your specs and if you are Pc gaming keep an up to date comp (if you can).

or maybe its just you know… beta/alpha

also facepunch doesn’t care if you cuss

It’s Unity, it’s usually slow.

Are you in full screen? Rust runs horrible when i’m not in full screen.

Kid just buy better internet or a better computer stop bitching about your own problem of your shitty computer/internet.

ill take the acc and once u have a comp to play on ill give it back or i could buy it from u completely via paypal :smiley:

Yeah I am.

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Don’t be such a dick and reply to the thread if you don’t want to be helpful. What the hell is your problem.

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What price are we talking here?

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sounds like your computer is a little rusty

He didn’t say anything about his internet and I’m almost certain you’re too young to know that buying a new gaming computer isn’t cheap. Also, no need to be a complete dick.

EDIT: As for OP, the game needs to be better optimized and just general changes need to be made to run smoother on computers. Not much you can do right now but turn down the graphics settings.

Buy a new computer then.

rochard would like a word with you

I mean unity is good, if done right

Unless you post your system specs this kind of shit won’t get fixed.