Rust run's perfect until loading servers.

System Information:
**CPU **
Model :AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C + 6G
Cores: 4
Memory: 2262 MB

Model: AMD Radeon ™ R7 360 Series
API: Direct 3D 9.0c [aticx64.dll]
Memory: 2029 MB

Private: 468MB
Working set: 480MB

Collects: 59
Memory: 20MB

Rust runs well, but when I join a server it crashes giving me a report. (e.g 2016-01-25_130200).
Not sure what is going on, would be awesome if you guys could help me out with a small problem since Devblog 92.

The first problem you’re going to have is that Rust’s system requirements are 4GB (and now, in fact, it has changed to 8GB) of system RAM. From the info you’ve posted, your machine does not meet the minimum requirements and is likely running out of memory when trying to load the game.

However, it seems like your machine should have more RAM than that, so if you could post the actual contents of the logfiles in those report folders (pick the latest one), that’d be more specific information that’d be helpful in narrowing your issue down. Post the logs to pastebin and link them here.

Hey, here are the files
output_log file:
error file:

Well would ya look at that. Out-of-memory error.

I’m sorry to say but your system appears to be insufficient to run Rust at least in terms of RAM. You may want to check what your system has in Speccy and screenshot the summary page for this thread if it says you do have more than 2.2GB of memory.

I have 8gb’s of ram currently on my rig, but maybe its my speed?

Dude, your RAM is registering DDR speeds but the your system is clearly capable of DDR2 speeds.

Sounds to me like a bad stick of RAM. Run MEMTEST or some shit.