Rust runs terrible on my pc.


CPU: AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core Processor (2.5ghz)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 5450 (1gb)
RAM: 4x1gb 800mhz

My issue is when I join a server I get on average 6 FPS. I meet all the minimum requirements listed on the steam page. Could anyone help me with this issue?

are you playing on lowest settings? Also, those are quite low specs, and the ram might not be enough with the old specs to run this game. Also turn off grass

Damn, your rig is worse than mine (HD 5850, 2x2GB 800 MHz, Intel 2 Quad 2,66 GHz).
But I can run 1920x1080 with 30FPS on fantastic.
I think your CPU is the main problem.

I am playing on lowest settings with grass off. I can get 30 fps if I run with -force-feature-level-9-1.

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But, I’d rather see the sky.

Are you running windows 8?

Search the forum for solutions, here my prev post

Dude, you need at least 4Gb of ram
Proccesor 2.8 GHz
Amd 7450.

I have an AMD 6450 and i overclocked it and it works badly.

Windows 8.1

Phenom is a pretty low power processor, I would venture to guess that’s the real problem as Rust seems to be pretty CPU intensive compared to a lot of games.

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I think this is your problem. I have horrible FPS problems on my laptop which features windows 8. However when I setup Windows 7, I no longer had any problems.

Have you tried disabling grass? Goto console (F1 by default). Then type:
grass.on false

Also I do agree you should attempt to review what Steph-Rust posted here:

Last I could say is to use Resource monitor in the background while you play rust to see if it’s in fact hardware related (which I somewhat doubt):

Best luck. :slight_smile:

What the…?

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Playing in windowed mode will also slightly boost fps. As others have said, try starting game on “Fast” setting and in console type “grass.on false”.

Banned for that ? Got to be kidding.

Are you sure your computer is acctualy selecting your gfx card and not the integrated one?

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Yes, I am sure because if I look into my catalyst, my gpu usage goes from 0 to 99 when I start rust.

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I play in windowed mode with grass off. I also start the game with the “Fastest” setting.

I take it you have a laptop possibly OP?

been like that since 2005 and FP is better that way because of it. Bans are warnings.

that and honestly quoting spammers just makes everything worse and helps the spammers

If you or your friends are computer savy, get Ubuntu loaded on that thing and try running it through ubuntu.

What difference would ubuntu make?

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J1NX, I have a desktop PC.

What other games do you play on your rig and what FPS do you get in them.

Trying Ubuntu now.

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I play LoadOut, I get roughly 30fps, arma 2 dayz mod, roughly 20 fps on lowest settings minecraft with 70fps…

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I also play L4D2 on medium settings with 30 fps.