Rust Screen burn.

Whenever I play Rust for around 20-30 min. my 1,2,3,4,5,6 items and the health and hunger burn to my screen. i am on a MacBook pro 2011 model pluged into an LG monitor. Please help Thanks!

Sounds like a monitor issue, not a game issue… How old is it?

I’d have to agree with that being more of a monitor issue…

Try turning it upside down :v:

I can already tell your probably using a plasma so DON’T turn it upside down. That would be bad/possible destroy your tv. Using plasma’s for a monitor is the worst thing you can do as they get burn it. Most up-to-date plasma’s have burn in toolds to get rid of it (white washing.) try put a blank white screen on for a while.

brand new not even a month

I am Zach’s older brother and I have the exact same screen and we play rust together for the same amount of time and mine does not burn into the screen. I strongly think it is his computer making the burn in because he has had two different monitors and same problem twice. I have a different computer and have not had this burn in yet and I have played it 2x as long as him.

Also is not a plasma

It was a joke …

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Also… Wouldn’t you think your task/menu bar from OS would have burnt in too?

Mac is the problem.