RUST SDK & 3D modelling Questions

I’m interested in doing 3D modelling, and creating items for Rust (Experimental), and would i like to get started learning the basics of modelling.

So at the moment I’m teaching myself the basics of Unity, Zbrush, 3DS Max and Blender, on my own, not at a course due to that my hearing impairment really does not do well in a class room and most video tutorials have no subtitles or make use of Youtube’s Machine translations which tend to be far more humorous than intended and very rarely ever accurate.

My goal is to make the Ned Kelly Armor, weapons, Australian environment(trees, flowers etc) and animals for an Australian Biome idea i have. Though I’m not sure if i’ll be able to replace the standard Rust creatures and trees for my Australian ones but I’m hopeful. I just want to be able to hunt Kangaroos and shoot Koalas from their spot in the Gumtrees. :slight_smile:

So my questions are,
What modeling program would be best suited to make stuff for the current Rust Experimental?
Does anyone know what modelling program is currently used by the Rust Devs?
Do you know of any Video tutorials that are best suited for hearing impaired viewers?
What are the best tutorials for the above programs mentioned that you know of?