Rust SDK

As discussed a bit on the devblogs, we’re starting a Rust SDK. Right now it’s probably pretty useless to everyone - because it’s made in Unity 5.

The only thing on there right now is a scene for showing the player animations/clothes. This is cool if you want to make clothes for the player and have Unity5. Not much else.

We’ll add more as time goes on, this is just the boilerplate.

Thanks Garry.

Good to see that the game is getting very community heavy. This will help out a ton!

Oh shit you added content to the repo. Was a bit too quick out and it didn’t have much else than the MIT license and a README, but it looks like there should be some stuff to play with now.
At least, for anyone with Unity 5.

While I have no use for this, it is awesome great news and sooner than expected!

Oh shit garry do guns next I want to get some custom animations on these bitches

How do you even get the Unity 5 Beta?

can you consider putting up the server files open source? will save people effort from injecting hooks!

We’d rather provide an interface than release the code for it.

Adding engine hooks worked pretty well in Garry’s Mod, look what it has become even without any access to the source

It’s easy to get Unity 5 there are 3 options to getting Unity 5,

First option
1 Get Unity 4.6
2 make a game
3 sell a a few million copy’s
4 then Beg Unity Devs for a Unity 5 beta key

**Second option **
1 Track down a Unity employee (or Handsome Matt)
2 blackmail/sleep with/threaten said employee (or Handsome Matt)
3 ask said employee for beta key

Third Option
1 If you ask Garry really really really nicely he might give it to you.

Oh that reminds me Garry any chance i can please (with cherry on top) borrow your beta key? (i have 2 children, wife, snake and a cat all is open to negotiation)

but really can’t wait till unity 5 demo come out so i can play with it.

idk, Unity just emailed me a link to it, a lot easier then those options.

Sorry if this feels like a derail, but I really like the direction this thread has gone in :quagmire:

Unity5 beta was just released to those that pre-ordered it, so now we should be able to get some more movement on utilizing the SDK, just need Garry to add more things to it :slight_smile: