Rust Seasons and Weather

So there was a thread a few days ago (see here) where the idea was posed that rust have seasons. The thread is pretty much dead now, but I would like to remake it into a comprehensive list with some more ideas added in, feel free to add in what you want, and feel free even to tell me it won’t work, just try not to be an inconsiderate jerk :smile:

Spring is a time where winter is finally dying off. Snow melts, flowers and plants grow, and trees bud again.
-Animals are just coming out of hibernation, this is time to kill animals and collect your resources for the coming year.
-Make bushes grow berries during the springtime, where they can be plucked off and eaten in an emergency, or stockpiled for later use. Watch out for the poisonous ones!
-Weather: Rainy, thunderstorms, flooding in serious downpours; also sunny to partly cloudy.
-Optimal clothing: dress warm, things can get wet.
-Days are getting longer

Summer is when things start to heat up. Trees and plants are in full bloom, everything looks beautiful, but damn is it hot!
-Animals move slightly faster now that things are warmer, be ready for a good chase!
-Berries are harder to find.
-Weather: Warm to hot, very few rainy days. Droughts and low water causes things to dry out, watch out for forest fires!
-Optimal clothing: Dress light, you don’t want to overheat.
-Days are at their longest length

Summer is coming to a close, things are starting to cool down, plants are wilting, and trees are shedding their leaves.
-Animals are more abundant, searching frantically for food to eat for the upcoming winter hibernation, good time to get some cloth and meat.
-Bushes no longer bear any berries, but mushrooms can be found on the ground, again, careful of the poisonous ones!
-Weather: Cloudy, sometimes rainy, sunny on occasion
-Crunchy leaves on the ground, make sure you don’t attract too much attention to yourself!
-Optimal clothing: dress warm.
-Days are getting shorter, don’t get caught in the dark!

Winter sucks. There’s the snow and the fun that comes with it, but it’s fucking cold. You don’t want to get caught outside, trust me.
-Animals are extremely scarce. Bears are hibernating, rabbits are hibernating, deer are hibernating chickens are dead from the cold, and god knows where the pigs are. The only things you are gonna find are stragglers. That, and wolves. Watch your back!
-No food in sight on bushes or the ground.
-Weather: Snow as far as the eye can see. It comes down lightly for the most part, but don’t get caught in a blizzard, or you will most certainly die.
-Watch out for snow, you leave footprints!

  • Optimal clothing: Dress very heavy, cold is most nasty this time of year.
    -Days are at their shortest. Might want to spend most of your days inside.
    -For those adventurers, water will be frozen over, feel free to go ice fishing or traverse to islands open only one time a year for some good looting opportunities. Watch out for thin ice! You fall in, you will go into shock and drown.

-Earthquake: Mostly cosmetic, varying in severity. Big ones can cause damage to buildings, be careful!
-Volcanic Eruption: the island is quite mountainous. This wouldn’t be a full on eruption, per se, but will have lava flow (don’t get too close,) along with ash and smoke that blocks out the sun and darkens the sky. This is an extremely rare occurrence.
-Meteorites. A slightly less (though still quite rare) occurrence where a meteor falls to earth. Don’t get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It hits very hard into the ground causing a shockwave that does a large amount of damage to nearby structures, and completely demolishes EVERYTHING in an extremely tight radius. The meteorite can be mined for a VERY large amount of metal and stone, plus some other metals, should more be added into the game
-Aurora Borealis: for those who have no idea what that is, think “sky glitch,” it is an atmospheric phenomena I don’t know much about, but it’s basically a flickering rainbow light show, so to speak. Purely aesthetic, but would be awesome to look at through a window in the middle of the night, and potentially could help with navigation, if you can direct someone towards the direction of the lights or whatever.

So that’s the list I’ve got, feel free to comment and add your own ideas, thanks! :dance:

I got a few more ideas I would love to get some feedback on. What would be really useful is a “weather” icon or area on the HUD, where you have an icon indicating the day’s overall weather patterns, as well as a temperature gauge indicating the high temperature and low temperature of the day (allowing it to be picked in either Fahrenheit or Celsius in the settings menu) Additionally, there should be conditions only suffered under set weather/temperature parameters. For example, at a certain temperature and lower, you will be “cold” or “freezing,” some mid-range temperatures, and at really high temperatures, an “overheating” status where if you don’t change out your armor for a lighter type, you will lose calories faster than normal (“sweating.”) That way it doesn’t get overpowered nor force people to change out armor, but it makes you decide which is more important, having enough food, or being cautious about being shot.

More to come when I think of it, if you have any other ideas on this matter, I would love to hear it as well!

I know this thread is long dead, but I want to breathe new life into it. Looking back, it was rather complex, but I feel that in a future update (maybe even after full release) it would fit really nicely. Would really like some feedback on this :smile:

+support… but they should make it so each season stays for a week

I’ve seen dust storms in the game pat was showing us one time

Yeah, a week per season means that a year passes in a month, that works out perfectly.

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Any chance you got a link? I would love to see that!

I feel food rotting would go nicely with this.

Chicken not eaten fast enough would rot.

Be great for those people who stock stacks of chicken for no reason.

There is already weather, it hasn’t just been added. I saw the sound for walking on snow and etc. And I was also there when pat was messing with weather before a restart

Well, that is rather promising then, but this is just taking it to the next level, I suppose. If you don’t like it, hit that box, or that x. :smile: it’s just my opinion, my feelings won’t be hurt and I won’t get upset (though I might argue you, that’s just how I am)

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Not a bad idea, maybe you can craft a makeshift metal box, fill it with snow, and stick chicken inside, instant freezer! keeps your food nice n rot-free!

I Fully agree you with weathers.

I just want to see some random rain.

Sounds kinda good, the stuff i dont realy like is the “non-weather related” stuff that can damage buildings… Like, it makes sence and is realistic, but i think it would be kind of overkill.
If i lose all my shit, i would like it to be after a good fight, and this is already hard to do as most ppl like to raid ppl that are already offline. :slight_smile:

But very nice ideas!

True, I would still want to see it in game though, maybe it can be written so that it does not land on a building, but lands in an unoccupied area, even though it happens extremely rarely on its own.

what if you start a new char in the middle of winter? or if you’re killed/raided and have to start fresh?

no food, no clothes. you just die each time you freeze/starve?


You can still potentially survive, there is still wood around. All you would have to do is make a fishing pole and go fishing. Clothing would be difficult, but you would still find some animals that don’t hibernate. Also, if you are just starting out, and start in winter, you just go to a different server until winter is over, since servers will not be synched to each other, meaning that in one server it could be deep winter blizzard everywhere, and on another, it could be late summer and hot as all hell. But yes, I do understand your concern here. The easiest workaround is to add in an animal or two that could survive the cold temperature and allow you to start up in the worst time of the year for survival. Alternatively, you could also always team up with people who can give you the aid you need when starting out in the winter.

I got another cool idea, maybe with all the snow, you can collect it and make an igloo as a temporary winter shelter. With an abundance of snow, this would be really simple to do. You would get nice insulation, stick a campfire in there, and you are warm. While it would be rather fragile, I think we can chock it up to being a bit weaker than wood. It would be a nice little makeshift shelter and make use of the environment, which is essential in a survival scenario. maybe you can craft a small scoop or shovel to collect snow, it could be useful for more than just making igloos!

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This needs to happen!

Probably the best idea I have heard. I love this idea. After all Rust is meant to be a survival open world game. This would make it even better! It would put Rust at number 1 place in my books.

Glad to hear it :smile: my reasoning behind this was that it would add a fresh, brand new dimension to the survival genre. It is ambitious, but if done right, it would be an innovation, and it would be amazing.

Great idea except winter seems a little too harsh for all the noobs out there i feel like everyone would get mad btw they are adding snow i was looking through the item database and there is a snow texture and sound and they are making weapon/armor parts 1-15 so you might not be able to craft guns anymore or they are really hard to make