Server setup:
M4, C4, Kevlar are drop only and uncraftable.
Oxide economy mod
Global Kill messages
Stat tracking

Everyone starts with 100 fame, when you kill a player you take half of his fame. Killing players is the only way to earn fame. Each season lasts 3 weeks, whoever has the highest fame total at the end of the season wins any steam product of their choice up to 30$

-no hacking or exploiting (duping, glitching, etc.)
-No exploiting of the fame system (ie combat logging, farming your friends over and over to boost your fame total)

Breaking either of the above will result in a ban from the server and a disqualification from the contest. Moderators/admins will be watching you like a hawk.

-registering on our boards at is recommended. This is where we will post important news and polls to determine the direction the server goes. I.e. more prizes, mods added, rule changes etc. is the server IP

Good luck everyone!

No one cares.

Nice, $30 dollar steam reward

Just think, binks… if you win you can buy that hello kitty game you’ve been begging your mom for.

Jesus, PvP prizes now? Works for me.

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It should also be noted, this server is easily the most stable I’ve been on. Doesn’t crash and DOES NOT STUTTER OR LAG. There are so many servers out there that do this, I actually thought it was shitty code in the game.

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What is the speed of crafting this season?

1/10 crafting time

It’s to bad my mom already got me the hello kitty game.

Good to know. Played a bit on a full crafting time server and it’s a bit of a slog.

Ill join, sounds like a new fun idea.

Nice. Less crafting time and no massive stockpiling of c4 in a few hours.

450 fame, fuckers! Bring it!

Generally what are the prime times for the server? Is it a eastern central or westcoast server?

Central I think.

Yeah my ping seems to indicate central as well.

yeah, server is located in Dallas.

Requirement to register on the forums removed, but its strongly suggested as we will be posting polls to determine the direction the server goes.

Needs to be said again this is a really fun server. Lots of challenges and contests for Steam games. Batshit crazy players, too. I’ve never loved localized comms so much…!