Rust Series - A Great Start! :)

I am new to YouTube and looking to promote my content a little bit, and what better way to do so than posting on the forums for the game. There are a few things in this video which could be made better quality wise however its a learning curve for me and I can assure you the next one will be better!


My channel:

I am just looking for some feedback from the community, what could I improve on etc…

Any comments are appreciated, and I am willing to answer any questions people might have.

Awesome video :slight_smile:

Thank you! First response I get some more :slight_smile:

Well someone said it was dumb. Maybe… but could you please explain how and why so I can improve.

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Damm. Winner tag, thank you :slight_smile:

When will you post the next episode like soon

What did you use to screen cap?

I used Dxtory :slight_smile:

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I will be doing daily videos, and I will try to stick with that routine to the best of my ability! :slight_smile:

What happened after the M4 shots?!

That’s the whole cliff hanger to the episode :slight_smile: To make you want to watch more!! But because you asked we survived.

:smiley: haha i wanted to know! I liked it. Was it Gunszin er whatshisface again?

Nope fortunately - The admin banned him because he was convinced he was a hacker, and he already had a previous VAC ban etc… But we found some new competition around our area that we built in!

Will be uploading new episode within the next few hours! Stay Tuned!!!

NEW VIDEO :slight_smile: