Rust Series! Fresh Start + Sneak attacks

Nice lets-play! I typically don’t enjoy them but you actually did a good job keeping steady commentating all the way through :slight_smile:

Someone else said that it was kind of monotone throughout the video, but I think that it was fine. Of course changing it up never hurt anyone! :smiley:

Some tips though that (I’m sure you already know)… but you might mention them to viewers - or, hey, you may not know some! :D: (because all of this learn this in the long run… might as well teach newbies before they join):

1.) Bedrolls are breakable. For example, the bedroll in that guy’s house (where you killed him) - you could hit the bedroll (20?) times and then place your own in there.

2.) The 60-wood small wooden shack is breakable! (The one at about 6:50 or so in the video). I recommend after getting a hatchet, to harvest like 300 wood from wood stacks and turn it all into wood planks (under resources menu) - this will let you build a foundation, walls, etc. and have a larger - more durable house (Wooden walls cannot be destroyed unless you have a few C4 charges)

3.) Wooden doors can be broken (despite hatchets taking like… 250 hits or something to do so). Metal doors can only be broken by degrading over days or by getting 2-4 C4 charges on them.

4.) You CAN respawn at bedrolls - but, be advised: If you die and respawn there… You cannot respawn there again for five minutes (it will spawn you somewhere random in the world). Be careful!

5.) You need to learn the recipe’s first (can be found on zombies or players who have killed zombies) - but blood bags and other “useless” appearing materials can be used to craft them. Ie. blood bags and rags can be combined to make medkits to heal raw HP.

6.) Metal is your best friend. Metal doors = GET ASAP. Melt down all your metal - you can use the scraps to make kevlar armor, combine scrap metals to make low quality metals (Make M4A1 machine guns and more), and even craft ammunition and explosives. Mining metal is a key part to putting yourself at the top of the food chain.

7.) Blueprints, etc. can be found on zombies (More zombies near radiation zones). If you learn a blueprint - even if the map is wiped or your character dies, your knowledge on how to craft those items STAYS on that server. So these are key.

8.) ^- in relation to that. If you get a “Research Kit I” and some paper off of zombies… USE THEM. Drag the kit to paper to learn how to craft it - and, if you find items off of someone you kill or a place you loot - you can actually learn how to craft kevlar, a M4, MP5, explosive charges, etc just by having the research kit and dragging it on the item.

9.) Avoid placing windows on your base. Some players will bring 2-4 pillars, 1 foundation, and some stairs with them. This way, they can (within seconds) have a staircase straight to your window. - Instead of C4ing their way in… they just walk into your window and take everything you’ve worked for.

EDIT: Added #9

Again, good video! Keep up the good work.

Note that some people you run into will say they’re “Friendlies” and they are not. Be wary of people even if you get good vibes.

Someone came up to my house two days ago - Was calling for help and saying to come out and help him… - About 3 minutes later, i saw a censor bar pop up (on by default now): This means that he took his gear OFF, and then started begging for “Help”

Needless to say, he stood alongside my door (was planning on raiding)… and kind of walked into my spike walls (damaging himself and causing him to bleed out in seconds)…

I got an M4, 1/2 rad 1/2 kevlar, and a bunch of food from the situation.


Anyhoo: Good luck, Willis!

Thanks man, Subscribe!