Rust Series ~ Guns Explained!

Hey guys Sluggo back again!

Wanted to show you guys a sweet new series i started awhile back,
Let me guys know what you think!
I think i will make a video about the shotgun next, and instead of me just shooting, ill raid someone and shoot people in combat…
Anyways plz share and like like you guys did last time :slight_smile:



Nice video as always Sluggo.

M4 is my fav weapon. Best all purpose. Never go CQB in rust. hide and shoot. That is why M4 is better.

Shotgun for noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Seppo!
I accually like that gun though. Shotgun is nice.
Im gunna do that next.

Accually you guys comment on which gun i do next! that would be cool!