Rust-serious Problems

Now I have been playing this Alpha for about 2 weeks and had some cracking nights playing it. But I do feel that it’s time throw my opinion on the game and get off my chest the serious issues this game has. Yes before I get people saying “it’s an alpha” I know it’s an alpha and yes I have played alphas before, so your comments are not wanted. Everything I will mention are pretty quick fixes that pretty much EVERYONE on a server will moan about, these are also clearly issues that should be rectified asap, I’m sure devs want to keep people playing the game…right?

So as an Alpha the developer seeks to provide a core game play experience and a testing environment for that particular platform, I get that. But there are some fundamental problems with this game that detract from the “core” gameplay experience.

  • Farming - so a server wipe has just happened yet there are clans within an hour going through the map and killing everyone and everything that moves. Why? Because of farming. Sites are too easy to farm, loot respawns very quickly enabling large groups to farm these until they all have m4 blueprints etc. Lower the respawn rate of loot and increase the radiation speeds, these are currently not deterrents.

-GUNZ GUNZ GUNZ I get it, it’s fun shooting people but m4’s are ridiculous, overpowered and too easy to make. at least 3 players in a group have them they are practically invincible.

  • Kevlar- yeah kevlar same story, this game is going for a apocalyptic or similar yet body armour can be made very easily! with minimal resources.

  • Building items in another players base- locking the player out of it after they spend potentially hours gather resources to make it, almost soul destroying if you play on your own. Stairs should not be a craft able item if they are not being used in a building, too many players using them to gain entry through the roofs. Not fare when players are trying to build.

-**Hit detection(Melee Weapons). ** yeah I think you know already.

-Player identifies If a huge clan is coming and they want blood it would be nice to see there names before they get at least 2 meters away for fear of shooting your own team or a friendly neighbor!

These are just a few things, simple stuff that adds to the core experience, Stuff that really should be sorted at Alpha level. I say that because I have kind of given up on the game as these things are close to game breaking for me, and from what I’m seeing in game chats, it’s really getting on a lot of players wicks, But I’m sure the devs are working hard on the game and I respect what they are trying to achieve. Love to hear peoples thoughts. No flaming please.

Yes, this please. Garry pls fix.

Yeah these would also be a good fix as the current bug of animals not moving

I really don’t even mind that the animals don’t move, I’d like to have a more balanced game play. What really frustrates me more that all the above mentioned stuff is that the large clans are always set up around the key locations for loot. This really just ruins my experience because if your a “lone wolf” like me you never have a chance of getting new technology. Add to that the 200+ people logged into US East and its a really terrible gaming experience.

I personally think it would be great if they would make the research kit a crafted and placed item that used resources to randomly create blueprints at a very slow rate, much like a workbench that you have to stay close to use

Also it be cool if they increased the zombie difficulty and spawned them everywhere and only at night. It’d make going out in the morning and harvesting more difficult while also increasing the difficult of pvp night raids.

Have you ever raided a house only to have the home owner grab all his items and log out of a 1x1 room? it gets quite annoying so we decided that if the player does this we simply lock him in his own house where he must then decide to abandon the home or hope to god that he has enough explosive to break down the wall.

Who is “we”? Is it your clan that your referring too? I think that you need to realize that your stealing this person’s “property” and that he has probably put hour of time into getting it. Compared to all the other problems in the game, someone quickly logging out with a few choice items is hardly a problem.

I do think that building a stairs into someone’s window or over a wall is fair game, that’s the risk you take when you choose to not have a roof or use a window.

If someone decides that logging out with their stuff is the best option for them then so be it, we decide that locking them into their home/griefing is the best option. Now i’m not in a clan with nessmuk but quite a few groups have the same mindset, so you log out when the c4 starts to tick you need too live with the fact that you could lose your base. I have had a few raids where the guys have stayed and fought it out and I won, yet at the end of it, we congratulated each other on a good fight and I even helped them improve there base.

Basicly when yourew alone youre damned to spam 1x1 houses get 200 metal and try to kill everyone repeat. Thats the lone wolf gameplay atm cause gathering stuff helps raiders a lot but not yourself.

No friendly id`s. Never. Be aware of blue on blue noobs. If clansystem gets implemented, it will ruin the game for small groups/solo players.

The real problem is that we’re currently only utilizing a tiny portion of the map, and even less of that map has resources, so there’s no spread. Everyone is cramped into the same place. THAT is why big clans are dominating ALL of the resources.

The game dynamic is completely fine (in some ways amazing and revolutionary), it’s the area available to us that is not sufficient for the current server sizes. This is like Call of Duty: Day Z right now.

Sorry but.

This is in very early public development. Everything will change. Beware.

hundreds make threads like you but its alpha and it will change… if you still don’t understand this refound your account…

This is like Call of Duty: Day Z right now.

We’re going to do a balance pass soon and the endgame things will be harder to obtain when we introduce more medium-quality items

Really? Again blind people that dont understand more than their own interest?

I will only speak about one thing that you seem to look like a problem. People getting stuff easy. You can make it the harder you can imagine, and the only thing that you will achieve is that the same people have M4 and kevlar, but noobs and casual gamers will have a hard time playing, so they will rage quit in a few hours. Stuff must be easy to get, or only Players killers and people from alpha will have them and abuse of them. It is like minecraft, you have to have the feeling of that you can easy get new gear, or only the old players will enjoy the game…

change the damage, the protection from armors, change all, but not make it difficult to get, because the only players that will have any chance then will be the ones that you more hate. Those that you dont want to have weapons, will have it anyway, because they are “Pro” or know a lot about the game. And the others that only want to play a survival game will leave the game sooner.

I don’t get why people are still crying, it takes less then an hour to get an m4 after a wipe, and from 1 hour to 3-4 hours for the full kevlar set. If you can’t get stuff in that amount of time and you have played this game for more then 2 weeks, it’s not that it is too hard, you are just dumb. Gaming requires you to use your head, the best players are always the smartest(except for games like cod and shit like that). I guess asking some of you to think is too hard.

I think your missing the point…that is the exact issue. It takes only an hour to get Kevlar and M4’s and half that by the amount you get in some of the clans. When did I say I couldn’t get the stuff? It is too easy. Calling people dumb because you mis-understand a post is not going to get you far in life.

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Did actually read my initial post…I’m well aware of the development process. I’ll tell you what go back up and read the initial post.

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Awesome thanks for the reply!

but it will change. but you and a few other pepole don’t understand this because no1 search in this forum about the game they just buy the game play 1-2 hours and the clans kill them and they start cursing the game how bad it is.

Yeah it’s players like you that people are getting hacked off with I imagine.

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If people are moaning about it, then it’s clearly a problem, I’ve been playing for 2 weeks (if you read my initial post) clans are a nightmare, I understand that’s the nature of the game but there has to be better deterrents towards larger groups maybe.

The only two of those I agree with, are the bottom two. But both can be answered by that answer you hate so much. The rest, well, that’s a part of the gameplay. Bigger groups will always be more efficient, don’t expect 100% realism in a game (because gameplay > realism, always and forever), and such elements help provide a more entertaining experience.

the fact of the matter is, they want us to be mashed together in an utter state of chaos. it helps with the discovery of game breaking bugs and server stress issues, and these are the issues that they need to be focusing on.

once this hits steam, and dedicated server rentals will be a thing, it’ll be a much different game, and from the sound of it, that is the game you want right now. unfortunately we have some waiting to do.

The thing with this game is, it relies on pvp. 80% of the fun part in this game is pvp. But the pvp comes down to who has the better equiptment+more people. Skill doesnt matter whatsoever. You just need to spam those medikits and with kevlar everything below a m4 cant kill u anyway. I know you cant compary this game to dayz but i will take this as an expample. When we were 2 or 3 players in dayz with medicore eq we nearly always manage to take out whole full equipped clans. Just trough using good tactics, and aim. Even when im alone i manage to fight off 3 ppl at last, at once. In Rust u can do what you want you will not kill better equipped ppl even if they have less aiming or tactical skill and when youre outnumbered youre even more fucked. The other 20% fun of this game is the building part… so you spend hours and hours of building to get some 13 years old c4’ing into your hours overnight and build u in with walls. Very fun.