Rust Server Abuse...

So i was playing on this server that i have been working on for a week, I have 50 Hours on it and they were all nice untill today when i was trying to raid someone so the admin came with a uber hatchet and was invisible killing me and my friends to stop the raid, THIS Server was a Full PVP Server there were no rules about No PvP. Once i went back there he was still there with a M4 and was invisible and decided to kill me again.


I was with 4 others at this time.

meh thats disgraceful (current server owner) sshould be there to protect people so they can enjoy the game not be a douche and do that

I agree, the admin is an arse and people should avoid the server. No-one is going to shut it down though, as they are paying for their server. Just move on and find a decent one.

So from what i see he was uber hatchet-ing you guys because you guys where uber hachet-ing someone else? Am i reading that wrong? Not really a whole lot of info here. Well not there isn’t any info its just one sided info.

Edit: So i ask for more info instead of jumping of the “YES SHUT THAT SERVER DOWN” bandwagon and you mark it dumb Kingcoolryan? Thinking is not your strong point is it?

Are you retarded? He pays for the server so can do whatever he likes

If only u told the whole truth Jack, if it makes ur life better then im glad u reported it.
Rodney: Do u understand y i killed u guys??
whats up doc: yeah but just a little mad i lost everything
Rodney: have i ever done it before on this server? or do u not like this server?
whats up doc: i love it and yes ik what u did was right

Third earth lives in my base still and didnt try to threaten me with the report unless i give u 10k planks. Now that would be abuse!

Nothings going to happen to your server, people who just see this will know its a crappy server
@cantplay The dumb mark was the part about OP uber hatcheting someone because I dont see anywhere that suggests that

Now that was a dumb response, and ill explain. Nothing here says this is a crappy server. From what i read he was doing his admin job. Other people involved in the situation are still playing that server still hanging out with the admin. Sounds like this one guy got butt hurt because he tried to get 10k planks from the admin and his little threat didn’t work.

Its a great server, there are just people like Jack that like to raid huts wearing kev and wielding M4s then complain about hackers when they get killed. It just disappoints :frowning:

Complaining about admin abuse is complaining about hackers?
And cantplay, some guy is angry that an admin came and killed them because they were playing the server and the admin decided thats not what he wants and kills them

If there are no rules against pvp, or certain forms of pvp, then what admin did there was “admin abuse”

It really is simple - there is no real difference between cheaters flying and invisible admins, if said invisible admins are using their powers to kill players they do not like.

To me it looks like whoever this thirddeath is had a uber hatchet? Am i reading that wrong? And from there it looks like the admin stopped someone from griefing a newbie. I’m not trying to be an A-hole but i am trying to understand the situation. If this guy just threw on a admin suit and just started going crazy then yeah, that is a pretty crappy server and gives the rest of the admins a bad name. If that’s not the case then someone got mad because they couldn’t extort the admin because he was doing what he is supposed to be doing(The admin that is). Make sense or am i just out of touch with reality?

Edit:On a side note though. To keep people from crying abusive admin, before you take care of a situation get a screen shot of you warning them that if certain negative actions continue they will be dealt with accordingly. Then when they come onto the forums crying abusive admin throw up your screenshot and shut them down.

problem might be in admin’s poor judgement

That poll is so dumb… At least try to understand how servers are created and who is responsible for them.

Bottom line, the admin used his admin powers to kill those guys and take their stuff. I consider that abuse. If they were messing with someone in the game, your more than welcome to stop them, fairly. Rally up some men, craft some weapons and put a hurting on them. Going invisible and using uber hatchets (which no one but that admin can have/use for the guy asking; if you spawn one, they are destroyed if you try and drop it) is not the way to go about it.

I think its good for OP to tell us that the admin on that server uses console commands in this way, I will steer clear of this guy because he has an unfair advantage and is willing to use it to win.

Now that being said, I don’t know the whole story (I’m not sure what the admin was talking about when he posted the conversation, when OP said “I know what you did was right”, I thought there was no pvp rules, what was he doing?) and the admin can ofc act in what ever way he wants, its his server and that’s his right.

watch out, apparently he knows html5 and seo and isn’t afraid to use them.

you got killed by an admin, and?
you’re playing on HIS server, so show a bit more respect to this person. He paid with his money, he organizes the update stuff. He is working, you’re only playing. Atm only you’re crying, rest of us gives a fuck about your situation. He didn’t ban you, he didn’t spawn anything for other players. You’re just crying because you couldn’t dominate any longer, even your mates know that the admin was right, so you should be ashamed to flame around, like a lil girl whos candy was stolen, in the official forum.

Sigh Release dedicated server files. Rentals kill.

lets break this down, the admin pays for the server and therefore has rights to run it as they see fit. i can not speak for other countries, but in the states if someone owns a private establishment they may place any rules they see fit (so long as it does not violate the law) for example: free speech means you have the right to express your opinion about anything, right? in a private establishment that is not the case, you may be removed for any remark you make about anything, if it upsets the “admin”.

in closing, on a private server the admin pays for the right to dictate what rights you are allowed to have. its that simple, no amount of reporting anyone changes that.

Just don’t play on servers which you don’t know the admin.
At the very least ask people on the server.

However as the server owner he will do what he pleases, no matter what you think or feel.
Calling for it to be shut down is just dumb.