Rust Server Command Question

Hey I was wondering how can i become invisible in rust with server client commands.

All the gear is simply called “Invisible” gear. There is also Uber Hunting Bow and Uber Hatchet. If you know the server commands to use these names then you can spawn them.

**[Rust Wiki - Server Commands](**
This and…
**[Rust Wiki - List of Items](**
this might be helpful.

Yes yes, but what are the item names, as in, to type into console?

So its seems your question is how do i enter the items into the console.

If you want to say spawn a hatchet you would enter : inv.giveplayer “Glargenflarge” “Hatchet”

The player name and item name need to be exact.

Use the links above to get the item list for what you can enter and just follow the server command instructions I gave you.

More question just reply back or shoot me a message on steam and i can help walk you through it.

Good luck

Ahh, it’s case sensitive, that’s the problem I was having. Thanks