Rust Server Crash ??

If my rust server were to crash, say… overnight… will it save any of the data? I just did a restart, and i did a save.all about 30 seconds before reboot, but whatever players did in those 30 seconds was not there after the reboot. So if I wasnt there to do a save.all that means all of the data would be gone? Nothing with save if it crashed?

Can’t answer this as I’ve never seen a server crash

They save during shutdown
They save during save.all

Or you can get rust++ and have it autosave every x seconds

Yeah, I’m looking for something to autosave in Oxide. I had Rust++ but not anymore.

If my server is DDoS’d or anything it’ll lose it all just because I’m not online to save? thats ridic.

DDos doesn’t cause the server to crash, just prevents you from doing anything on it - if you stop the server from control panel it should still save its last state, or just wait it out