Rust Server DDOS'ers


We can’t do anything. We cannot ban him, shutdown his server, or stop him from DDOS’ing you. My only advice for you is to change your server IP, if possible, and set up a new title. Just stick it out. DDOS’ing someone is not only draining on your resources, but his as well.

Chances are he is just some edgy 14-16 year old who has a few friends that can use ICBM, he’ll get bored. Block his steam account and DO NOT speak to him, you responding to what he says only baits him to do it more. If anyone else adds you trying to argue his ban, immediately block and unfriend them.

But you are not understanding on what I’m saying. He ddos’s every known server known to man. Any server with more players then his server on the community list gets ddos’d.
It’s so bullshit. There’s no way on stopping it either!


The best way to stop him, of course, is to kick up a lot of drama and give him a lot of attention. Feeding the troll until he bursts is not a viable tactic with DDOSers.

btw, bchillz has been permabanned if you didn’t know. :v:

If this is true, he must have a fun time browsing the internet. If he’s hitting servers with the numbers of packets you provided, that’s going to suck up his bandwidth like a black hole. There’s a reason you can’t take down a website with a home computer, and that’s why. He’ll get bored. Hell if you want, DDOS him. All it takes is maybe a few lines in a batch script.

He’s been doing it for 3 months now.

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If he has been permabanned he would still be banned. lol

I meant from the forums.

Loud Screeching Noises

Seroiusly though, what do you think, is Hacking Justified to Catch/Ban a Hacker?
I’m Going to say no.

This is the funniest thing I have read in awhile.

Best thing is to ignore these script kiddies… They will eventually get bored and move along. Threads like this give them the attention they are looking for…