Rust server down?

So it just freezes and says im surviving tried to logg out and in but no changes. Is the server down?

I have the same error :frowning: Just got it too </3

It works now /close

Lags like hell though, can’t draw my gun or anything.

It is maybe some ddosers that’s bored.

Same thing here.

some people say that they can login and get ingame but cant use their items, for me it deosnt go past the above image ^

I also had that issue, but I refreshed and it worked. There is equipment lag and nothing’s spawning though.

Yeah i got ingame but i died a zombie hit me and i started bleeding and i couldent use my bandage because of the lagg.

Sometimes I get that too, specially when ingame the server starts to be unresponsive (aka not drawing weapons). I just let it be until it decides to work, if I logged off in a safe place.

It’s not that it’s being ddosed, it’s the amount of entities.

I’m getting the same thing, I thought it was just my internet

I would assume there is going to be a wipe on monday that will hopefully sort this out?

That seems to be the common agreement. It might even be today according to some people.

‘According to some people’
You ask the devs, not ‘some people’.

yea i actually managed to get in game, still , cant do much…

Earlier (Idk if now) All NPCs (Zombies) We not moving and could not be killed. I thing there AI was broken.

If you are getting FPS lag or just Unity trouble and maybe other types of lag use Firefox, it helps alot.

Something must be up because the amount of players in-game seems to be dropping like flies. currently it’s at 32.