Rust Server downtime. What have you done in the meantime?

We are multi functioning human beings right?
I mean staring at the Rust main-page and forums and refreshing every minute isn’t the only thing we do…surely??

I’ve had the most unproductive two days, waiting out my time till the fix, but I’ve successfully watched two films, and even ventured into the outdoors! Pretty spooky place, but I guess attempting to make your own IRL Rust is better than nothing!

So what have you been doing if you couldn’t get on the rust servers?

Pretty much the same as you… nothing but try and play what little bit it was up. I literally left the house yesterday afternoon just to make a run to the liquor store and then was back at home. Sucks because the wife and kiddo have been out of town all weekend. My visions of a 72 hour nonstop Rust marathon have been screwed by this DDOS crap or whatever it’s called!

I ventured onto this game called DayZ. You may have heard of it lol. But it just wasn’t the same knowing that I should of been playing the Rusts.

playing good games.

I played a bit of DayZ and handcuffed some people I found, forcefed them some raw kiwi and oranges and watched them die in the street.

I am a terrible person.

Instead of play for a good two days straight I bought Orcs Must Die 2 and played that with my good friend Player_One. Work week started up again so now my nights consist of either going out with friends or watching House M.D. In addition I’ve been keeping close eye on payday 2 to see when it goes cheaper then 18.00 cause I want that. :smiley: Heard good things about it.

I jacked off about 20 times and read a book. Oh, and I posted a few times here. like a lot few.


A ton of restarting my rust server and praying for an update, a lot of NFL, and a little bit of BF4 and Nether.

I have literally been sitting here staring at my screen waiting to play… No life…


Hoping this is resolved by midnight so I can do my 12 hour rust marathon. Hoping but doubtful.

Well, i decided rust couldnt satisfy my needs so first i went into my garden, found a large rock and proceeded to hit a large tree. Just so you guys know, rust lies! I got no wooden logs and the rock was useless. So instead i waited in a bush and bludgeoned the next door neighbour to death. Unfortunately he must have had been a noob cos he had no wood either! :(. So with that failure i found my nearest road and followed it to the next town. I was hoping to find some BP’s here but their was too many people around! Instead i thought better of it and decided to go home and hide in my house, which i am still doing now. Its starting to get dark now and i have no fire… I hope i make it through the night…

But seriously, i just been working :frowning:

Fixed that for you, buddy.

Aha and that was just day 1 jonnymad!

Also loving the story produno!! Maybe venture out when it is light out and try to find a log pile, or even fallen branches instead of just hitting the trees, that way at least you can build a basic shelter!

Why thankyou very muchly! :slight_smile:

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Good idea! Ill give it a try and report back.

Yeah, I did it about 15 more times today, my dick is just a bloody scab now

I guess thats what happens when you run around everywhere naked. Its just flapping around down there, i mean what else are you gonna do with it!?

It also keeps the chills at bay when you have no fire like me :(.

Like too much few

I have been mourning a cracked garry. and shitposting.

Really?? I’ve been watching a ton of football which i would have been doing regardless. It’s been freakin football weekend!!

Rose Bowl is new years day. I’ll be watching that regardless as well!