Rust Server Files

I know Rust does not provide server files for private use during Alpha, except for some selected Server Providers. According to these wiki ( It seems to be ridiculous for me to renting a servers that located outside my country because there’s no Server Providers that located on my country, meaning paying more and get higher latency. I also don’t want to host a big servers, maybe 10-20 slots are enough for me, closest servers location for me is Singapore but it only provided by 2 providers, Streamline-Servers and, both of them does not provided slots below 50. I also heard that Singapore providers cost more expensive than other providers, so I don’t really want to rent a small servers with a expensive price, but it’s worthed because our ping to Singapore servers seriously small rather than connecting to local servers, dunno why.

I want to make small community with zero bandits, meaning that I am thinking to build a town and stuffs together without afraid got griefed by someone else, and also, local players too. I’ve found several server files from some community but most of them labeled as “Cracked” and others not labeled a.k.a maybe it’s legal or maybe it’s a virus.

I also saw some servers that maybe located in China or maybe Thailand, but It seems the selected server providers do not provide servers located in China or Thailand, so how their servers can be located outside the selected server providers provided country to the community? Where did they got the server files? Please, I really need your help, thank you.

I really need a help, really appreciate that.