Rust Server! <FRESH WIPE> Multiplay :/Wiped 3/7/ Active Admins/ No Abuse/ Vanilla/: Games

IP: net.connect

Awesome new and freshly wiped server. Hosts 75 slots. Active admins to monitor for unsportsmanlike griefing and intolerable language.

>Please NO “Trap” griefing each other
>Cursing IS allowed, just try to keep it minimal
>KOS’ing IS Allowed and Bandits as well
>Try to avoid killing fresh spawns until their set up of course
>Be kind to one another unless raiding and such occurs
>PvP and Raiding IS ENCOURAGED

If you have any questions about the server and or inquires add me on steam at “[RSPD] N6” Symbols may be in the way but if you type Just what’s in the bracket you should see something close to what i said. Also add Willy Wonka and K0rupt for any other questions as well