Rust Server High CPU usage

Since the latest patch, server i am running is exceeding 15% CPU usage which is causing my GSP to restart the server to free up resources. I was currently running Oxide and thought that was the reason but have since moved to Rust++ but am still having this issue. This is with 5 or less people on. Anyone else seeing this?

Try RustEssentials? Try a player data wipe?

I’ve removed Rust++ and am going to see if that resolves it.

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Removing Rust++ did not solve it. Considering player wipe.

Make sure to backup the player files so you can restore them if they aren’t the cause

If you are using Oxide, try this. It fixed the CPU% climb.

  1. Uninstall oxide.
  2. Go to the Plugins folder and delete oxidecore.lua
  3. Update the game via the steam update
  4. Install oxide 1.14 again
  5. Start server.

Blow the map away.

My hoster, Nitrous Network had restarded yesterday 7 times my server in 5 hours because there were 3 spikes beyond 15-20%…
I have Oxyde with 4-5 small plugin. A plugin could cause these problems ?