Rust Server Hosting - Suggestions?

any suggestions for a good Rust host? I don’t care about the cost, just want to be reliable.

OVH, has a good DDOS protection.

Thanks i check now

IIRC OVH’s DDOS protection takes 15 minutes to kick in, and it causes considerable latency. OVH is also predominantly in Europe, so you will see latency issues if you want to attract North American players. Their Canadian datacenter shouldn’t be too bad, if you can actually get in. OVH also has a reputation for slow response times on hardware and network issues.

Take a look at Limestone Networks. Excellent connectivity and they’ll go as high-end as you want to go. I see right now they have an E3-1230 (basically a high-end i7) with 16 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD, and 300 GB 10k SATA with 3 Gb DDOS protection on sale for $89 / month. I’ve worked with them extensively in the past and they are awesome.

If you don’t need a dedicated server, check out GameServers. A 50-slot server is around $12.50 per month. I have a half dozen right now and they’re pretty good, though updates and reboots take about 15 minutes. You can also take a look at Multiplay, but they’re considerably more expensive and I haven’t really seen any performance or reliability difference from GameServers.

Cue the GSP fanboys and their flamewars.

Seems like you did your homework :smiley: Thanks a lot. Ill keep looking around for a while. If nothing new show up ill go with


WOW $89/ Month! LOL i read it as $8.9 / Month :smiley: Yes i said money is not an issue (with in normal ranges :D)

Between gameservers and vilayer, what you suggest? Based on this gameservers have no ddos protection?

I have no experience with vilayer, but you’re correct: has no DDOS protection. I’ve asked them about adding this, and they indicated it’s not on their radar. They could easily make it economical by charging each customer on DDOS-protected servers a small premium of $5 - $10 / month. I do network security for a living, so if anyone from is reading this and doesn’t believe me, feel free to chime in. The downside to this is that even the best-engineered DDOS solution introduces some latency, and for some gamers, even adding 3-5 ms would be considered a huge deal.

I believe MultiPlay offers DDOS protection, though you need to contact their sales department directly. I’ve used MultiPlay and they were okay, but in my opinion they don’t offer anything to justify their higher cost.

I’ve talked about this before, but the short version is that good DDOS protection is expensive. By “good” I mean it’s going to filter out most attacks, it’s going to work continuously or automatically (ie, you don’t have to activate it when an attack hits), and it’s going to be able to stand up to a mid-sized (10+ Gb/s) attack. Expect to pay about $50 - $200 per month per IP address for good protection, in addition to the costs for the server / game itself. A GSP can spread this out across the multiple tenants of a game server, so this could drop to $5 - $10 per customer.

I do network security and disaster recovery for a living, and I’ve found that the vast majority of DDOS protection services are garbage. By that I mean that they will fold the instant a serious attack comes in, or they do something useless like block ICMP floods (and nothing else). The best warning signs of a garbage DDOS protection service are (1) low rates combined with (2) a short history. The best DDOS protection providers I’ve worked with (Black Lotus and CloudFlare) have been around a long time, have excellent reputations, and charge a sensible rate for the quality of service you get. In other words, you get what you pay for. The only way consumers can fight back against crap DDOS protection services is to get educated and refuse to pay for garbage protection.

Sorry for the rant, I just get twitchy when people start asking about DDOS protection. It’s a very good idea, but you just have to be careful not to fall for one of the junk providers out there. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also be aware that many “best server provider” or “best web hosting” sites out there are ranked based on affiliate payout, and not necessarily based on who is “best”. “Best” is entirely subjective, so the “best” provider for me may not be the “best” provider for everyone else. Some people want cheap, some people want reliable, some people want lots of options, some people want all of the above. Usually these sites will either link to their own site to discreetly drop a cookie (with links like “”) or to an affiliate link on the providers’ page (such as “”).

You could just buy a vps with a decent amount of ram and setup a server there. I did that with my Gmod server and it was cheaper and better <3 - just make sure the host has ddos protection :stuck_out_tongue:

You can definitely do that, but I’d advise against a VPS. A shared environment like most GSPs offer is going to offer better performance at a lower price (unless you can find a reliable Windows VPS for < $12 month), and a dedicated server is going to offer VASTLY better performance if you’re talking about hosting 6+ game servers.

Also, some virtualization hypervisors don’t handle memory management well. Xen and KVM are both very good, so if you do go the VPS route, make sure your VPS provider is using either Xen or KVM. My personal preference is Xen, but that’s really splitting hairs.

Thanks a lot people. Ill end up with game servers, after all what to do a “crappy” ddos protection that might offer this lag as well. Thanks a lot again, your very helpful.

Not true. I have 2 servers, one from OVH and one from their sister company SoYouStart.
OVH’s protection is always active if you enable it in the interface! Doesn’t matter if it’s a VPS or dedicated server.
SoYouStart’s protection needs around 1-2 minutes to kick in after an attack was detected.

I experienced DDoS on both servers already and didn’t have any issues except a higher ping for a minute but only on the SoYouStart server.
So I can totally recommend OVH’s VPS Classic or VPS Cloud.

Make sure you take a plan that has at least 3GB Ram.

Interesting. The last time I used them was about six months ago. Completely unrelated to gaming but when the server came under attack, we had to get them to kick in the protection. I’ve heard the same claim from others, so I’ve written off their DDOS protection. I’ve also had problems getting hardware replaced and network issues troubleshooted, so I don’t do any more business with them anyway. That, and their EU datacenters don’t do much good for North American traffic. Not compared to a datacenter in NY / Chicago / Dallas / etc, anyway.

Glad to hear you had different experiences with them, though!