Rust Server Idea

I had an idea while I was watching a rust video. Imagine a Rust Server with a border a big border across the map so there the north and south or the east and west. And The 2 ‘‘Kingdoms’’ fight against each other. You could make a big town for each ‘‘Kingdom’’ all build by the players. (exept for the border) and there could be a thing like a prison for those who killed someone from his side. You could also make border troops and so on. I’d like to play on a Server like that just for fun. It would be rust + a little bit extra fun.

What do you think about this idea?

Doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea alot different than the typical every man for himself style of Rust.

There so many things you could do like a shop where players can buy things with wood or metal

Could be interesting however I’m not sure how it would be implemented…
How would you place a wall all the way across the map?

Spike walls (large) like some rows 3-4 (?) It would take some time but as an admin… ;§D

Yea I suppose that would work… you’d need a veritable army of admins just to keep those things from decaying all the time.
I don’t mean to bash on your idea, it sounds interesting. Would be much easier to accomplish when we can edit/make our own maps.

Yeah it would be ;§D but I’d think that, this would be an interesting experiment. How will the players play together ? Will they form groups? Will they choose their king? We don’t know. I’m thinking about buying a rust server and try it out

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:§/ A problem would be the balancing… each side needs good and bad things…

Need some more opinions :§D

It seems a great idea, However why Sievers808 has to bring the idea of a wall all across the map I dont know.

Welcome to Rusteros.
Could be a kind of GoT. :v:

But still, the cake is a lie!

These poll options are terrible

Sorry that I don’t have ‘Gas all the jews’ uhhh I see the ban coming

Love the idea but it would be quite hard to pull off tho.

I like it but man that would take ages

Not with super admin power and some workers

I have tried it and yes it takes a while