Rust server keeps getting blacklisted within hours

Hi all, Garry and the team at facepunch; I hope you’re all doing well!

I’ve recently created a rust server using Debian 10 via LinuxGSM… I’ve set it up to run on community servers with no mods other than the ‘oxide’ plugin and setting the ownerid in users.cfg to my steam (if that counts as a mod as I’m not abusing the features at all and playing the game as intended)

Within a few hours I’ve noticed it keeps getting blacklisted from the community tab and I’m not exactly sure as to why this is happening? It’d be great if I could get a few ideas or have someone from the team look into it… here’s the name and IP


NAME: Towlie’s Rust Server

Thanks for existing facepunch and happy holidays everyone!


I’ve noticed it’s only appearing off the community list when there’s no one online, as soon as I join it shows on the community list; why could this be happening? Any help would be much appreciated thank you.