Rust Server Lag due to Buildings/Damage Detection

So I have been helping the admin on my server with development work and he mentioned how Rust has issues Server Lag issues related to the amount of buildings on the map. When the server is running just after a wipe, every is awesome, but as play continues, the server becomes weighed down from the player created structures. Now this attempts to be remedied with decay, but the current mechanics limit this.

When I’m fresh in a game, I usually create a a small 2x2 base until I can save up for something larger. This process probably repeats 2 or 3 times and I end up with something like 1 huge main base, 3-4 outposts, and 2-4 old mains. However, all these buildings stay about since I play every day.

So my idea involves having multiple types of Tool Cupboards (say Large and Small) with limits placed on the number you can place as well as relating decay to whether the building is under the Cupboard Radius of Effect as well as Interaction of say Doors.

Example: (Focus on Concept; not specific values)
Small Cupboard - Can place 4; have radius of say 10 meters x .5 story down x 2 story high
Large Cupboard - Can Place 1; have radius of say 30 meters x 1 story down x 3 story high
You have a server with normal decay rates; these rates are still affected by whether buildings are stone, wood, etc. You now place a Small Cupboard which puts off decay for 1 day which is reset if any Doors are interacted with in its area of effect. Now if the player is building a main base, they would instead want to place a Large Cupboard which has a longer decay delay of say 5 days. Now the player can further chain together Large and Small Cupboards (where then the Small Cupboards gain the 5 day decay delay). Furthermore, this interaction would extend across players in say a clan who pool their respective # of Cupboards so they can build larger bases.

Now I understand this idea may not be fully thought out, but as Rust stands, servers need to be wiped every month or so because they become bloated with player buildings that they paralyze themselves. By limiting the numbers Cupboards a player can build, you wouldn’t have the active player with say 1 main base and 20 abandoned buildings that don’t decay since he’s active every day. Furthermore, if decay was only delayed for say an hour after last interaction on a structure without a Tool Cupboard, that would still allow temporary raid towers and such to exist.

As for rectifying, the Damage Check, i haven’t thought of anything to improve the existing system beyond limiting the queue size with this Cupboard idea.

Opinions? Critiques? Am I completely breaking the game?

First of all props for thinking of all that lol. But if I read this correctly XD the only question I had was wouldn’t solo players or even small clans have a problem with not being able to build as big as they want, to have a building limit would be the biggest cockblock for builders. Or is the whole point of the building limit is to stop people from building big to stop the server lag?

Well the main idea is so that people can only have one primary base. Servers get massive slow down as the current rules/settings stand as I explain above and this could reduce map clutter.

It could be retooled where you get 1 large cupboard with still a 5 day decay delay and maybe an infinite amount of small cupboards with say a 1 day decay delay. Now you can build as large of a base as you want as a solo player as long as you chain together (overlap areas of effect) of your small cupboards with the large cupboard.

However, if you did keep the settings the way I originally proposed, it would encourage more teamwork and formation of clans. Anyway it could all come down to to a server settings deal.