Rust Server License

Hi im darkfenix, i downloaded the rust server and i have a problem, this one asks for a key that i dont know where obtain it

please help :c

What do you mean you downloaded a rust server? Are you renting it through one of the providers?

nope, i download the dedicated server

You can’t host servers, only rent them.


Good question

You can’t download the dedicated server without the key to get in. There’s no way around it. They’re not going to release it.

I’m not sure if that is true, from what I’ve heard the alpha won’t have dedicated server tools and probably not beta. For OP, atm though the keys to the server hosting tools are provided only to hosting companies. It is probably a safety measure since the game isn’t yet released.

It’s very plainly stated that, while Rust is in Alpha, the only entity that can host rust servers are FP and dedicated hosting companies. Not sure how you can get more clear than that. There is a key needed that is only being given to hosting companies, plain and simple.

They never said once that they weren’t going to publicly release the dedicated server files. Source your information or at least edit your false words.

You downloaded the troll “server files”. One does not simply get the real files from typing a number in steamCMD