RUST Server Milan EAC banned me for free!

Server milan banned me for free I play this server always but today, I have never use cheat in my life ! why happen this ? i ask for help reset or refund.
I will sue Facepunch if nobody answer me.
Best regards.

Vincenzo Longobardi

First cheating, then suing. What has this world come to?

You just got served

??? I think the mistake is by rust or automatic server .
your answer is usless thx !

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maybe even this forum is useless

Well it would have been bad if they made you pay for your ban but since they made it for free I don’t see the problem.

they ban me i have do nothing

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why should I complain, I’m just saying that I was banned for no reason. stop. now it’s up to them to answer me or not

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sorry for my eng!

Even if you could sue Facepunch (lol good luck), you’d still lose the lawsuit.
EAC doesn’t ban people randomly. You’re not the first nor the last one to have cheated; just admit it and face the consequences.

If anything, they did you a favor.

then I think that some things work bad,I have always played honestly, you believe me or not I do not care, because I need professional answers and practical.

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so if they repay loyal players, it means that the system works poorly eac ban of rust!

If you’re so sure you didn’t cheat, why not provide your Steam ID? Anyone can find out whether or not you’ve cheated. Surely that wouldn’t scare you if you’re innocent?

maybe you want me to cheat :smiley:

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add me!

You don’t want to ask anyone here. Facepunch will not reply.

Ask EAC directly about it. Email them.

If you are lucky a EAC staff might reply here in the thread - it will have EAC in their name.

ok thx cindestar!

private profile. trying to sue facepunch for the fact that they were banned by EAC, seems legit :vs:

yes private casue communty of steam is full of scammer ecc ecc

Good luck trying to sue them… because its not going to work.

Wait for the update to hit, if it still doesn’t unban u after the update, then u are fucked.

People would be more helpful if you didn’t come into the forums throwing threats all over the place and just being a general dick. This game and the whole ecosystem is an early access product and a work in progress, as is your intelligence and perception of the world around you it seems.