Rust Server Mod /tpaccept bug

I don’t know what mod this is but when me and my friend are playing it and I tp to him (Everything typed properly) and he /tpaccept on his screen it comes up “No player found with that name”

If anyone could help thankyou.

yea i got same problem

The problem is with certain ‘special’ characters that people use in their name. Until the developers fix this bug you can work around the tpa glitch by changing your name to one containing only letters a-z and numbers 0-9. Do not use any spaces. Feel free to experiment with this as I’m sure other characters will work but as a base rule, I stick with this.

Maybe post on the forums for the mod? Facepunch cant help you

What prouxx said, does your buddy have spaces in his name?

type the name with qoutes so if your friends name is 1337 Noob type it like /tpaccept “1337 Noob”

And if it’s something retarded like 1337 `Ñøøß, then try just /tpaccept 1337.

Hi i tried what you said and it didnt work when i do /tpa … and my friend does /tpaccept or /tpaccept ''DrPepper" or something it ways there is no player found with that name please can someone help? :frowning: