Rust Server Mods

This may be far fetched, but allowing support for server modifications would increase the final game’s appeal to many people. I’m talking about mods present on games such as Minecraft where it is possible to create factions (of players) where they can protect their buildings from other players until their power is lost (from members of the faction being killed too much) and another faction can claim their bases. I’m not saying this should replace the game’s current setup or anything but it does appear to be far too easy for a house to be raided, so something needs to be done about this.

I’m not sure how the first and last sentences relate to each other.

(By the way, it’s a pvp game. Your house is supposed to be raided.)

It seems you want to turn Rust into CareBear Land…I kill CareBears

In Minecraft mostly every served is filled with awful plugins which have ruined the whole point of survival. I don’t know I just think the whole building aspect could work beautifully if it mod’s and private servers were possible (imagine massive cities built on rust)

and in this post your first and last sentences directly oppose eachother

No are you deficient? I’m saying that an option for server mod’s should be possible but not replace the vanilla public servers.

you’re complaining that minecraft plugins have ruined the point of survival

now you’re suggesting that we add mods to servers so that we could ruin the point of survival

No I’m quite clearly saying minecraft was ruined by shitty plugins whereas private rust servers with large cities of survivors could work well.

but that would ruin the survival element which was what you’re complaining about

Mods aren’t really necessary for a game like rust.
Minecraft, on the other hand, is because that game is built around mods and servers. The giant mod packs that get released is what makes the game unique.

Rust isn’t that type of game, it is still in development so maybe we should wait until it’s finished before mentioning any mods or separate servers.

No. Period. ;3

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First off, Not all Minecraft pvp servers are faction, And in fact, I find faction servers annoying because you can’t do anything in someone elses land and you can make vaults that you can’t even raid, I bet you just don’t want to get raided at all, Carebare mentality, Play another game if you don’t like the hardcore style, You are SUPPOSED to get raided, it’s part of the game…

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Exactly Those faction servers he talks about you can make un raidable bases and you never have to get raided at all, The whole point is you are on the edge of your seat because you can get raided by anyone at any time, Also anyone else notice that he’s putting (Dumb) on all the posts that don’t agree? LOL

Yeah everybody who disagrees with my ideas are dumb haha. I wasn’t exactly saying it should implement factions that was an example and a pretty retarded idea as minecraft sucks anyway. my main point was server modifications (they’ve enhanced games such as CS:S) could be implemented.

How would the mods even work? There is only one server and that is what they’re probably going to keep it like. This isn’t Minecraft were you can create your own server in 5 seconds and then add mods that increase your chances of survival.

except it’s been stated multiple times that they want to allow third party servers

I really see no point for that, it would only be good if it was one huge server, there are lots of players on and it’s a huge map so it would work out.

but that’s the plan

I only ever see small huts on in-game footage (haven’t been lucky enough to get a key) but it’d be good, in the games full release to see 10+ people defending a fort with guards patrolling the base, on the roof ect. or friendly settlements of players (think megaton). I guess this is possible without server mods and I may have to try arrange something of this scale with members of the forums at some point.

It’s stupid to say there won’t be third party server’s when basically every PC game supports them and it’s how most games thrive. Infact, I see it as a way of solving the lack of server space and to get the game going quicker (so to speak).