[US CST] Oxide PVP/SLP/Drops/ECON/RareMilitary/BaseAlarm/AutoKits/TPA/Removal Tool and MORE!
PVP fun times no admin abuse new player friendly!

(Admin plays on other servers and only controls this one through web rcon console) (Moderators are active and hackers/dupers/noclip/speedhack/superjump/ESP and aimbots will be banned)

1/2 Craft
PVP enabled
Sleepers enabled
Admin powers only used to protect form cheaters/Very active Moderators
Air drops @ 8
Looking for groups and clans to join
Freshly started on 1/27/14 @10:24am CST


Mods disabled atm, will enable once the mods are updated, servers still running


Mods are back online and ready to go join us


Always check here for updates

Persistant Toxic attitudes toward anyone will not be tolerated let it go or be banned, if your raided and cant take it well don’t play rust.

Banned for trying to give new titles with new features on the server in which case originally this was not the same server new IP and all, maybe you should check the edits that were made or make your editing of the title actually work before banning comseone for posting same server 3 times whne there were 2 diff servers total, wow even the forum mods don’t do there job right… sad

Anyway this server is not this and has changed to all you players now joining wondering why its not as the thread now ask the facepunch forums moderators. Since they want to take control and exercise the most extreme form of thread jacking by expressing there e-peen before paying attention.

This was an HFB server now currently it is a FPSplayers server with diff features, sorry they don’t give me the ability to change the title, or make a proper thread on a new server (saying its the same server even tho there from 2 diff GSP’s).

WARNIG: if you own more than one server you will be banned apparently.

This Server is still up and running, Title of the thread is false… Cannot change it. Tried making a new thread and got banned but original post has been updated as well.