Rust Server & Other Rust Issues

I host a server using the Tuungle(no VPN, just their files) at the IP but it doesn’t appear on my laptop using net.connect but last time I checked (11PM PST Yesterday) it didn’t work. I also host a GMOD server, DerpRP and it works on the same IP.

Also when I play on my MacBook Air(i7) it has a huge noticeable lag though when I play GMod, TF2, or HL2 it works perfectly with no lag. I am in belief this is because the game is in Alpha, but I am afraid. Also is this game Source


I still doubt this kind of server hosting is legit.
Or when did Garry release the files?

Tell me more if I’m totally wrong.

I think you’re right honestly. I tried using SteamCMD to download the server hosting files but it didn’t work. The dedicated files. The rust ones did.
All Gary did was release a file on Google Drive on how to manage your server.

This looks like malware.

Linked file goes to a redirect / popup ad site.

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(User was banned for this post ("random server advert spam" - postal))

You only got the main files because the server files still aren’t public yet. There would have been some sort of an announcement if they were released to the public.

No it’s working for me. Anyway I’m reattaching it here(try runing adblock. thats why when I tried it in incognito id didn’t work):

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Yea but rust servers are needed and me and my friends would like one.