Rust Server Player list?

As a server admin, it would be nice to know the names of the people on your server. I know of the “status” command, but that only shows the number of people connected to the server. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

Push shift+tab and click view players, it shows most players on the server.

as of 18 dec 2013 this dose not work

Justin is right, it’s currently broken.

It’s still broken from time to time as of right now.

Sometimes it’s fine, but sometimes it shows the player list from the wrong server. Sometimes it’s empty, which PROBABLY means that the wrong server it’s showing the player list from is also empty, but that’s just a guess.

Haven’t figured out any pattern yet that lets me get it working more often. Seems random so far.

I don’t run a server so I don’t know the fiddly bits about it, but isn’t there a log of who joins and leaves?

It may be a hassle to check and scan through it, but in the absence of a GUI it may be the only way to know 100%.

Perhaps a quick script could be made to filter through junk non-join/leave related entries.