I know this has been asked over and over, but I have tried every fix. NOTHING WORKED!!! My server will only show in the LAN Tab, and I have forwarded my ports! Here is my configuration:
“RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -server.port 27015 -server.hostname “PlayRust - Prison Island|Online Admins” -server.description “Welcome to my new Rust server! I hope you enjoy! Please report all hackers and other problems! There are always online admins!” -server.headerimage “” -server.level HapisIsland -server.maxplayers 100 -server.identity my_server_identity -chat.serverlog 1 -server.netlog 1 server.saveinterval 300 -spawn.max_rate 1 -spawn.max_density 1 -autoupdate”
I don’t know if this has anything to do with it. PLAZ HALP!!!

You have a problem with your server? Read the sticky, i think you should post it there.

I highlighted shit i have no clue why you added this in your commandline?
like : -server.identity my_server_identity <<< why?

Ill paste my commandline without my server info :

Drivenumer:\installedMap\RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.port 28030 +rcon.ip YourServerIPhere +rcon.port 28045 +server.maxplayers 500 +server.tickrate 30 +server.saveinterval 60 +server.hostname " Your servername here" +rcon.password “rconpassword here” +server.worldsize 6000 +server.seed 8081967 +server.stability 0 +server.headerimage “” +server.url “” +server.description “your descriptionhere” -autoupdate -logfile “log.txt”

in your case you can delete +server.seed and put +server.level HapisIsland on that spot, after that delete +server.worldsize.

now try to boot your server and IF this works you can experiment with your other added commands +***server.netlog +spawn.max rate and spawn.max density <<<***why do you want to add this anyways? ( just curious)