Rust Server preferences - a more in-depth poll

Please take a minute to participate in the poll I have created. By participating you will be providing server administrators with information that will allow them to configure their servers towards what users prefer the most.

The poll can be found at:

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30 minutes - 50 results
40 minutes - 69 results
50 minutes - 91 results
60 minutes - 108 results

The poll has no broke 200 results, keep it up guys!

Where can the results be found?

Here are the results without looking at the survey

  1. instacraft
  2. donation packages
  3. free items
  4. events - mainly including free items
  5. nice admins who give me things after i die and lose them
  6. starter kits
  7. cool economy system so i can get gear without getting resources!1!!1

Seriously, every server filled with trash is maxed out on players - anything running vanilla or near vanilla is dead

I love kids. I have kids. A lot of the kids in the online gaming community suck. Mine won’t be MMOing until they are teens. They can vs. bots for now :smiley:

I understand you are looking at the player populations but we have had a different experience. Every time we removed the mods the server would increase in population. Up until the DDoS started Sunday we had 100/100.

The results will be posted once the incoming results plateau.

Actually, you’ll be surprised.

Would you mind elaborating?

Probably because the server falls out of the community section and goes into the modded section

Which is pretty dumb because the mods on my server aren’t game altering - it’s just text messages basically, I’d remove the mod tag but obviously my GSP doesn’t offer full ftp

Cannot display the page.

The page loads fine for myself and it is still receiving results. Could you try again?

I assumed it was this as well. Looking forward to seeing the poll results. At this point most of our population has moved. We have been down two times in three days because of DDoS according to HFB. (Still waiting for a reply on the current outage)

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Apologies, I was referring to ezkl’s comment on player opinions based on server population.

I think this may intrigue you;

I sincerely hope this is not true. They have not pushed an upgrade on me yet. I would actually be happy with any response at this point.

I’ve already purchased another server with Multiplay (US West), and am testing one with Nitrous. (US East).

I personally use MultiPlay and they are an awesome host besides not allowing you to edit .lua files.