Rust server PRIMEVIL.PvP|Wiped.2/2|StarterKit|1/4Craft|Arena|Balanced|ActiveAdmins|Groups|


Im making publicity for the following server: PRIMEVIL.PvP|Wiped.2/2|StarterKit|1/4Craft|Arena|Balanced|ActiveAdmins|Groups|

This server is a pvp server, got /kit starter Which give you enough Items to start, (Better than a rock)
You will get food at your first join, admins are all friendly and are extremely active in the server.

There is some competitive stuff:
Exemple: Arenas or /arena

Arenas are made in the single point of getting fun by shooting each other with free guns and ammos.
Some events which everyone can participate got an awesome prize for the winner.
All the stuff you will receive while your pvp in the arena are NOT yours.
Remember not to keep your inventory full if your planning to go in there because if you got kill you wont get your stuff back.

There are simple rules in the server:

  • No Racism
  • Dont Ask For Admin
  • Have fun

Remember to register to the server forum.

Site link:

All the information you got to know about the server or the community is in it.

Thank you,
Have fun :dance: