Rust server, running Oxide with minimal mods, pseudo-democratic style for voting on server changes and wipes. Strong focus on player fun and no tolerance for Admin abuse.

Join a server with ZERO admin abuse, committed to developing a fun and tight knit community of players. Wipes are based on player voting, as are mods that the players want to try out over different iterations.

NEW Wipe 3/6/2014 Midnight, this time around we’ll be limiting the researching of research kits. This is how the game is planned to be in the future, and we wanted to try it out. It leads to increased pvp over rad zones, higher value of dropped blueprints and kits, increased player interaction and diplomacy to trade, and a longer game cycle (rarely do you see people in endgame gear the next day, preventing fun and development for other players). Come try it out! net.connect