Rust Server Settings & More

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to thank the developers for coming up with such a great game. I have invested over 160 hours in the last two weeks utterly thrashing this game with friends here in NZ and in Australia. We have purchased our own server so that we can set the game up to minimise the current flaws in the design and many have flocked to it as the word spread.

Server Settings: Much of what dictates success of a Rust server is in it’s settings. After 3 playthroughs and wipes we believe we have the settings as good as we can make them. We took away blueprints and limited C4, Grenades, Steel Foundations and Military weapons to extremely rare as well as both leather and Kevlar vests and research kits to almost extremely rare. This mean’t that even wooden bases became true safe havens when required and it also kept people coming back to try and get that elusive drop that just might have something special in it. You should never take away the ability to raid another base, but it should cost a lot and make people think about the worth before attempting it. These setting and a good fair admin are critical to the game. The Valve anti-cheat system seems to work most of the time but it sometimes takes a week before it decides someone is using cheats/hacks. We introduced the economy system and that was popular though we made things very expensive and limited purchases to only basic stuff like 9mm ammo and Metal etc. Shared doors with PIN’s worked well but don’t use predictable codes if you want your base safe.

Game Issues: Obviously hacking is still prevalent and only a full time active admin can in anyway try to control this. With people from several time zones playing on a server it’s a difficult situation to be sure. The other issue from my perspective is purely the lack of more to do. Obviously the game is still in Alpha but putting down ones thoughts hopefully helps the developers plan there path to make the ultimate game. :slight_smile:

Suggestions: Dynamic spawns a must. How about roaming zombie hordes moving at running speed running around the map at night (accompanied by screaming/howling to scare the sh*t out of you)? To add realism (lol I know) perhaps have cave entrances they come out of instead of just appearing in the middle of a paddock? More levels of upgrades for base building and new pieces like a well/mine/farming to encourage fences and gates being used more. Food is to easy at the moment. Not sure choppers are a good idea as travelling a map is a fun/tense part of the game.

Summary: I’m excited about what Rust will be, so keep up the good work. :slight_smile: