rust server us east no abusive admins all fair and event. need 2 admins

Hit F1 and type: net.connect

Noob friendly server just started the server 01/28
need 2 more admins who will not abuse their power
taking any suggestion for events that come with prizes
planing on 3 airdrops a day maybe a lil more Rust++
C4 in airdrops only
has pvp and sleepers

  • no hacking
  • no racism
  • dont be toxic. understand that theres pvp in this game
    -first few days about 2 or 3 no pvp for noobs
    also would gladly teach new comers how to play.

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also runing some events arenas for deathmatch with reward. taking suggestions aswell. population of 16 at the moment

Hi their I was wondering if I could be one of your potential admins. My name is Jared I’m 13 I have played rust for a couple of months I Have Skype and teamspeak if you need them my Skype is Jared/Mrbell11.