Rust Server using high bandwith


does anybody know if 340 Players on 2 Servers do such a high traffic, or it’s something else ? ( Both vanilla )



Calculated to a month this would be 13.392.000GB or 13.39TB

Yes, 340 players is a lot of players and is going to use a lot of bandwidth.

This is mBIT, not mBYTE.

1 byte = 8 bit

That’s even worse, this would be 15.96451 TB

Calculation way: 6,25x3600 = 22.500 x 24 = 540.000 x 31 = 16.740.000MB = 15.96451TB

You really can’t do math, they told you to divide your original figure by 8, you just made some random confusing math question…

It seems that you cant divide 50:8 which is 6.25.

6,25Mb x 3600 (Seconds of an hour) = 22.500MB ( equal 1 Hour )
22.500MB x 24 (hours of a day) = 540.000MB ( equal one day )
540.000MB x 31 ( days of this month ) = 16.740.000 MB ( equal one month worth of traffic )

16.740.000MB = 16.347,65GB
16.347,65GB = 15,96TB

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