New server for pvp/pve.

  • Airdrops - ON
  • No lag - ON
  • PVP & PVE - ON
  • Sleep - ON
  • FUN - ON

This is a server where u can do whatever u want.

Hamachi servers: (password for all servers is: 1)
Rust.Pt 1
Rust.Pt 2
Rust.Pt 3
Rust.Pt 4
Rust.Pt 5
Rust.Pt 6
Rust.Pt 7
Rust.Pt 8
Rust.Pt 9
Rust.Pt 10

Hope you enjoy

Lol, you’re going to be bitched at by so many people…(BTW this is the wrong section, use the server section)

More than a server, Rust developers should think more about pvp, something a dont like and ill love to hear you guys opinions is the open world rules, i dont like for example that they can steal your your things while you are offline ill like some kind of rules that they cant enter people house when they are offline or things like that , and that they are some kind of balance team while logging a a server i dont like the all vs all option because you cant win vs people that have their team already assembly while you just have join the server i think this is killing some how the game.

LOL One word for this - Lagtastic…even on a 50MBps net connection…10 servers sharing 1 connection, thats at a crawl of 5MBps to each server which is in the best of conditions + cannot be gauranteed - hamachi server is just a VPN, these can break from time to time. Lets imagine 10 people connect to each server thats 100people. 100 people all connecting and handshaking with the VPN and then sucking up your download speed - oh dont forget that your PC has then got to provess this and then send it back to 100 different people Sucking up your upload speed. Now at 1 point or another your download may even throttle your upload. I am not trying to get rid of your server. I applaud you for the attempt. But lets be honest, a Home PC does not have the powers of a server i mean youll probably be using it for a manner of different things which willl also suck up bandwidth. Which will cause lag and a possible loss in players.