Rust Server | Wiped On 3/7 | 3x Durability | Frequent Airdrops | Referral Bonuses | Active and Friendly Admins

The title pretty much sums it up so the only thing I will elaborate on is the referral bonuses. if you tell a friend or stranger about the server then you get 50 wood planks as soon as they play on it. They will also get 100 wood planks and a furnace (because nobody likes having to build a furnace).

To join is easy
Open Rust
Hit F1 on your keyboard (Command + F1 if you’re using a Mac)
Type “”
The game will load right into the server then you’re good to go!

Make sure you mention that X902BOSS referred you so I can get my 50 wood planks and you get your 100 wood planks and your furnace!

For more information check out