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Hi there,
I was recently considering to buy Rust on Steam but thing is I rather want to play with bunch of friends, than on random servers. Is it possible to host your own server? I found only info about renting servers, though I don’t really want to pay additional money for temporary server…

But I see it’s almost a year old, so maybe things changed? I checked game files of my friend, who owns game, but couldn’t find anything like ‘rustserver.exe’. So if I buy game - is there any possibility to host my own server on my pc with hamachi or sth similar, and setup stuff - like in Minecraft, password, pvp and rusty things like resources amount, crafting speed etc?

Sorry if it is obviously written somewhere, I googled it a bit and didn’t find, so though this is best place to ask for it.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve readen about it and succesfully launched server. Haven’t tried yet because Rust is downloading atm, but I’ve got few questions:
1.RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “My Server Name” +server.port 28015 +server.identity “facepunchdev” +server.seed 6738 <— I shall just rmb -> properties and just add it after the name? If not - then where to?
2.When I launch it I have like a map which i can ‘freely’ explore, though with no details, just showing terrain and water/land. But the thing is as far as I know there is one Rust map, and the one i see not even a little looks like it:

Or in current version the world is generated randomly(I doubt it)?
3.Server seed - “used to generate the procedural level” - can anyone explain it a bit more? What is ‘procedural level’?

@edit, here is how it does look. Kinda like archipelago, and while zoom/change angle, it changes a bit, so I don’t really understand what and how it shows. Or is it just not ready yet for proper use?

@edit2, seems it doesn’t work. Rust was downloaded so I have tried. There was server running(Debug), the one I’ve got through steamcmd, saving every few minutes/seconds. Launched games and wrote client.connect IP:28015. Tried both my external ip and, both with message that there was no respond from host. What am I doing wrong?

Don’t run the debug server. It expects to communicate with the Unity profiler for debugging on the devs’ systems.

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Procedural generation is “random” generation, like Minecraft. The seed changes the world it generates by giving it different starting conditions. A seed will generate the same map on two different servers, because the starting conditions are the same.

Thanks, now I can join my server, either my friend can. Nice that world is generated, but how to use this setup? I tried creating .bat file which had this exactly copied “RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “My Server Name” +server.port 28015 +server.identity “facepunchdev” +server.seed 6738”, but it only lagged a bit, after a minute created message “HDR Rendertexture is not supported on this platform. This camera will render without HDR buffers” and I’ve got windows popup message so game crashed.

And quite big problem - after restart data seems to be erased. It says my char is dead and tells me to respawn. In /save folder there are 7 files, so i guess everytime i res serv it creates new one. Disconnecting and connecting while serv is running saves everything.

@edit, ah and little question. Does it have any commands implemented? Map seems to be big and we couldn’t find each other with friend.

@edit2, I see now. Well I guess I will need to wait a little for it to be fixed.

Your server won’t try and load saved data unless you put -load in the command line.

That statement gets posted all the time to admins who haven’t done any research. I highly recommend reading about this a bit more, because you’re trying to use an alpha server. It’s not as user-friendly as the final product will be.

Ok I did read a bit about it, found info that batchmode is issue and indeed. After removing -batchmode it launches properly, with name and seed of my choose, but loading doesn’t work. That’s how command line look like:

i tried also putting load on the end of it and using “+” instead of “-” since most of them either has “+”, but it keeps creating new save file. I guess it looks differently than “-load” or is batchmode necesarry for it to work? Is there any complete list with those additional commands? If so, I’d like to ask for a link.

  • is for setting console variables in the server after it’s running, like the rcon password. +load is meaningless, that’s why I didn’t tell you to put +load in.

What did I say about researching?

You could start by reading garry’s thread, Experimental Dedicated Server - open to all, in the Rust General Discussion forum on the very first page. It includes the server documentation, incomplete as it is. The pages and pages of comments also address many common issues and find solutions. Yes, reading, I know, but either you’re going to do it, or you’re going to make threads where others have to in order to provide you with answers, and one of those is more responsible.