Rust servers are weird atm !

I know that helk wrote that the servers are being rebooted now and then . But the servers are offline in the list but the players who are on don’t have any issue.
So i was wondering if anyone know why this is happening :frowning: Couse i was going to build a new house and then this happend.

Did you talk to someone that was in the server? I’m going to go ahead and say no for you since they are down.

I have 5 friends on the server right now playing just fine. The US server is up as far as the others I cannot say. The login servers are not working correctly.

Yeah and it’s really boring. But i understand it’s just that i have nothing to do,

Odd, My mistake. The main page used to show the amount of players actually playing at the bottom but it seems like it’s gone now.

So do you mean that the US server is online for people or is it down as all the others (or not down but the login server is)

The login server is not down, the server is just broken and incapable of saving/loading player data, which is causing other players not to be able to join. This has happened before.

Okay and i just wounder how long this is gonna take.

Just needs a restart.

Perhaps Garry is on holiday’s ?

well someone needs to restart this shit i know its in alpha so dont keep saying its alpha this is whats going to happen for a while cuz i know that but why cant someone just restart it every so often so we dont have to wait for people to do it manually if i buy a game even in alpha stage i expect to be able to play for at least half an hour on a weekend i mean look at arma 3 i dont see that going down literally every 2-3 hours and getting wiped at least once a day Jeezuz:suicide:

Why are you comparing ArmA 3 and Rust? Rust has 3 official servers while anyone can host ArmA 3 server. If you bought your key via the I’m sure you noticed the following sentence:

EDIT: Also what’s the reasoning of you calling Rust “shit”?

yes but why put the keys on sale if 1. half the time you cant play 2. everytime you do play your stuff gets wiped and 3. the servers crash because too many people are on

Auto restart might not be a bad idea, i only been playing for just less then a week now, and first few days i played had no real problems, now it got some problems, in a day a week what ever, it will be running fine again, and then another problem will come, as you said yourself its alpha, and this is what you should expect. And i dont think you can compare Arma 3 and Rust in that way, im almost sure Arma 3 had alot more ppl working on it, i might be wrong tho. :slight_smile:

Why did you buy the key then? You had been warned of contionus wipes, downtime, bugs, glithces and shit. Nobody forced you to pay $50 for this “shit”.

you are right arma 3 had alot more ppl but facepunch should be able to fix this and if they cant then need to hire more ppl who can

I see it as i bought a key to play in alpha and help them test the game, and when its done i get the game as a thanks.

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