Rust Servers aren't populating.

Righto, I have: restarted steam; reinstalled the game; updated steam; validated the files; changed to opt into beta.

I feel as though I have tried almost every trouble shoot I am aware of, yet still nothing. I have a great internet connection. The server screen just isnt populating. Sometimes 1 will come up.

I have been able to find servers every time until the last update, now nothing. Please halp!!

Last time this happened to me they were patching…but im stuck at work so i dont know

May I suggest disabling your firewall/antivirus and test again? Turn them back on if they’re not loading still.

It might be your computer is blocking from pinging servers? Don’t know, just something that came to my mind. Won’t lose anything trying :slight_smile:

Yeah Ive tried that. Tried just letting the game through, then tried disabling it. Today I got 3 servers. A french one and 2 EU ones. Im from aus. so the 500 ping kinda sucks. but then after I shut down I cant find anything again. I dno what else to do haha :confused: