Rust Servers Down, Information on the French DDOS attack

  1. They all speak french, but have one guy who can translate slowly spoken English

  2. Their TS channel is -stop-

  3. They are attacking because Facepunch has yet to implement free private server hosting, even though it is supposed to be added in at some point

  4. They refused to listen to reason, and as a result a passionate American got angry and started speaking anger-logic, do not do the same or you will be banned

  5. Facepunch, fuck. these. French. Fucktards. Up. Their. Ass.

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One of the Frenchies sent me this message:

“T Ƹ k ’ S”: If you wan’t to set up your own DDOS attacks : -stop-

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Turns out, it is NOT a DDOS attack, it is a ULINK library attack.

(User was banned for this post ("search before you post. We don't want more threads about this." - postal))

Pathetic little kids.
Want some cheese with that whine <3